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Rusilko is a graduate of the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine where he was selected for the Deans Award for his outstanding moral character along with academic excellence among his graduating class of 2010. He was also awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award (2018) by his undergraduate institution, Mercyhurst College, for the accomplishments he has made in his field.
Dr. Rusilko believes that health care should focus on the augmentation of life not just the prolongation of death which is why he addresses lifestyle in all of his treatment programs.

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Dr. Ivan Rusilko is a respected doctor and a brilliant scientist in the ordinary life, among the citizens of the modern-day civilization. He is prosperous and intelligent. He has diplomas and certificates and very satisfied patients, but that is not enough for him. In fact, all he needs is pure adrenaline. Something that everyday life in the city cannot offer him. And when his life seems too boring and routine, he grabs his weapon and fishing rod and embarks on a journey to another world.

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