"He's been called "Canada's Premier Bowhunter," and in many ways Archie Nesbitt is the most-accomplished bowhunter who ever lived." - Jason Butler

Few hunters have accomplished in their professional life and sporting life what Gary Bogner has. A world traveled bow-hunter, video producer, past President of Safari Club International, and successful businessman, Gary has made friends everywhere he has gone for our sport.

Former Mr. USA - Dr. Ivan Rusilko, in addition to be an avid hunter, is also a medical professional who is associated with the prestigious Miami Institute, Florida. Certified sports nutritionist, bodybuilding champion, international male fitness model and former USA for 2008 and 2010

Television producer, host, trapper and adventure bowhunter Tom Miranda is no stranger to outdoorsmen.

Viktor Semenov is one of the most avid photographers who has dedicated part of his life to wildlife and animals. Traveler and adventurer who loves to conquer with his lens the wildest corners of our planet.