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Among his achievements are the numerous awards from international and Russian exhibitions.
One of the most important milestones he conquers is the complete collections of amazing photos of endangered species that every child will one day be able see thanks to his indomitable spirit for adventure.

“I have always loved wild, unspoiled nature and I became a hunter with the idea that I would have a specific goal to do long hikes. The most interesting for me was the high mountain hunting - the most difficult hunting. During one of the hunts, I managed to shoot a Chinese ram, the largest ever shot in China.
And then something inside me turned over and I realized that there was no point in moving in that way anymore. The emptiness and silence after the shot knocked down the animal disturbed my harmony and unity with nature. And since then I prefer the camera to the rifle. I haven't dropped it since. This is my weapon of choice in all my travels and adventures. I visited all continents, in hundreds of unexplored corners of our planet, and suddenly found that those with whom I had been on opposite sides of the barricades until yesterday now fully supported me and welcomed my success. In my travels I try not only to capture the habits of wild animals, but also to convey some of the beauty of the wild world!”

В. Семенов

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Victor Semenov is adventurer, traveler, high mountain hunter and wildlife photographer. He prefers to travel to those parts of the planet, where nature is preserved in its pristine beauty and seeks to preserve it so for a generation. A graduate of the Moscow Academy of Agriculture, Victor worked all his life in agriculture. As a member of the government federation, he is represented in parliament and served as Minister of Agriculture. Today, he is back to his youthful dream and try to make it come true. He is the author of several photo exhibitions and albums. His photographs adorn many museum exhibits in Russia and Europe. He is the winner of the award of the festival of "National Photography" of Russia - "Golden Pegasus of Russia". Participant in the All-Russian Wildlife Festival "Wild Russia 2017". He also carries the highest award of Photo Safari Club for his outstanding efforts in the protection of species of endangered wild animals.

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